We all know the importance of using the Internet nowadays. There are many different ways to get connected to the internet. Same way, there are some common problems faced by those who access the internet using a common Router.

There are 3 Ways to Solve the Problem, Wi-Fi Router not working properly. Some of the best ways are mentioned below. Get to know about those and start using the internet without any interruption.

3 Different Ways to Solve the Problem, Wi-Fi Router is not working properly:

A Wi-Fi router is nothing but which is a commonly used device which is mainly used to share the internet access between one or more devices. It also performs the functions of the wireless. Thus is mainly used to provide access to the internet without any interruptions. Mostly, the routers are mainly provided by the broadband packages, which is mainly to share the access with many numbers of computers.

Commonly faced Problems and their SolutionsCommonly, the routers will come in all kinds of shapes, size and color. This problem which we are discussing is not a big deal. Everyone will have faced it at some particular point. But yeah, the way you feel when your Wi-Fi router is not working can never be explained, particularly when you do some interesting or any important stuff.

Commonly faced Problems and their Solutions:

  1. Most commonly faced problem is, “My Wi-Fi is working very slowly”

Many of the people face the same problem while using the Wi-Fi. That is, they are unable to use the internet with a great speed. This is because there must be some interruptions in getting the signal. They must have tried using the internet during peak hours. There may be some other reasons like their neighbors must also have the Wi-Fi connection.

They too will try using the same channel range. This is because everybody wants to access their internet with a great speed. In such cases, you can try and lessen your channel range for few minutes or you can access after, when the traffic gets normal. Always avoid using the internet during peak hours. This will surely reduce the speed of the internet.

  1. Problem while playing Games

This is one of the most common problems. Why because, most of the people and even kids love playing the internet games which is very popular among the youngsters. This is because, when too many traffic comes within a router, there come the network issues and it will surely get slow due to the traffic occurred. This can be solved easily by using a separate router which is made especially to play games. The gaming router plays the major role and helps to satisfy those who are facing difficulties while accessing the internet.

  1. Router gets hot

This is an important problem which you must take it with some seriousness. As you surf continuously, the routers will get heated up. You must avoid using the internet for a long period of time. This is what causing heat to the routers. By avoiding this, you will be able to resolve many problems related with this.