Are you having a problem with your Wi-Fi? The problem may be any; there is no access to the internet at all. Sometimes router troubleshooting can fix the things for Wi-Fi router not working. A Wi-Fi router problem is caused due to the users issue, a good router is greatly looking for the love and attention. As the router is quite expensive to replace, so make sure to keep your attention on maintaining Wi-Fi router. In this piece of article, we afford you the major cause of Wi-Fi router and how to get rid of such troubles with a simple solution.

Wi-Fi router connection is slow:

Wi-Fi router connection is slowIf the router is at slow process then you can’t do any work, probably the router is slow in hot sunny day. The internet service providers are handling the combined router modem, and the wireless modem and router also work on the same device. If any fault is seen in the device you just reboot your router. Most of the climatic changes do not affect the Wi-Fi router.

Rebooting the router:

Rebooting the router is one good solution for the Wi-Fi network problem. But if you get tired in rebooting the router then no issues just reboot in very slowly. If there occurred any network problem then websites fail to load any and the connections are dropping so you are in need to reboot your router. The rooters need some attention from users so occasionally reboot the router to keep working well.

Unplugging the router and replug the router, all these methods are applicable to reboot the router.

Frequently check it for overheating:

The router may get over heat like the other electronic device, so overheating might damage the router or make it stable by not working. So you are in need to check it over frequently for the sake of avoiding Wi-Fi not working condition.  If it happens again the connection gets failed and workings get spoiled. This heating is happening due to the vents blockage when it blocked the top gets overheated and cause instability.

Check whether the cables are connected securely:

When the web processing gets stopped we used to go and check for the complicated one and we obviously forgot about the simple solution. If anyone crossing the cable accidently pulled it get loosed or sometimes the cable plugged out. So once the Wi-Fi is not working you should go and check all the cables involved in.

Sure to check the cables that connected to router and modem. While checking does it properly, because sometimes it connected but a little bit loose, so check it out properly.

Final words:

Reposition the router and change the wireless channel, are some of the solutions for the problems found in the network connection. Sometimes it may be a software problem, and then you are in need to meet professionals on a specific device. Whenever you can’t able to connect the internet take a look on routers LED status indicator. Setting the wireless router is simply good solution for the appended discussion.