We all know wireless internet offers more features in browsing the web without web cable right!! But, you how it works without cable? Wireless connection relies on radio waves. And, there are more chances to attempt failure in radio waves due to many factors such as interference, hardware problems, limitations in signal range, operator error and so on.

If anyone of these factors affects your Wi-Fi, then you can’t able to connect your laptop or system with Wi-Fi connection. This is the reason why many people wondering for why is my Wi-Fi not working?

5 tips to fix why is my Wi-Fi not working problem:

Is your Wi-Fi not working? Don’t know how to fix the problem? Then there are so many guidelines to solve your issues with Wi-Fi connection. Here, I’m going to give 7 tips to fix why my Wi-Fi is not working problem. By using this any one of the following tips, you can able to restore your wireless connection.

Tip #1: Check Wi-Fi button

Is your laptop or computer not connecting to a local wireless network? Then the solution is may be in your finger tip. Yes, check whether Wi-Fi button in your laptop is in ON or OFF. If the Wi-Fi button or switch is not in ON condition, then press the button to turn ON.

Tip #2: Restart your computer and router

The above step is not working for you!! Don’t worry, try this one. This step looks like simple but sounds good. You know, router, Wi-Fi adapter or Operating system may have software or hardware problems. This might because the problem with Wi-Fi.

So, simply restart your computer and router to restore Wi-Fi connection problem.

Tip #3: Restore the router settings

If the Wi-Fi connection problem is continuous, then try restoring the router settings. You can restore your router settings to its default value. When you’re ready to restore the router settings then find the small reset button or switch on back side of the router. However, don’t simply press the button; you need to hold it for few seconds. So, make use pen to accomplish it.

How to avoid channel interferenceTip #4: Change the Wi-Fi channel on the router

As I already said that Wi-Fi uses radio waves and it has 11 channels. You know only 3 channels can work without interfering with other channels. So, there is a possible of interference with another router.

How to identify whether your router interfered with other?

In order to determine whether your router interfered with a nearby device, you need to look your nearby wireless networks. To look nearby wireless networks, click the network icon in the windows right corner.

How to avoid channel interference?

To get rid of this channel interference problem, change your router to another channel. You need to choose a right channel after checking nearby channels.

Tip #5: Buy high range router

Another problem with Wi-Fi connection is router’s coverage zone. So, buy the router which offers high coverage zone.