The technology and Wi-Fi internet connection taught people about easy and fastest way to go with their lives. Recently all laptops have Wi-Fi build in, but sometimes the Wi-Fi not working properly due to many reasons. Here we detect the reasons and find the prompt action for the best solution.

With the help of Wi-Fi people almost stay connected for security reasons, compatibility and many other reasons. To enjoy all the convenient from Wi-Fi connections then you are in need to enable and disable the Wi-Fi on your laptop. In case your Wi-Fi is not working, here the fine solution that troubleshoots Wi-Fi,

Enable with laptop Wi-Fi button:

This is the first step in Wi-Fi connection, some laptop has on/off button. Usually, it is found on the front edge of the laptop just above the keyboard. Find the button to enable the Wi-Fi connection, if it enabled the light indicator shows blue illumination on the button.

Change the Wi-Fi channel on the router:

The interference from the other nearby routers is one of the common sources of Wi-Fi connectivity problems; this is caused only in densely populated areas. If the nearby router is inferring then you just take a look and list out the nearby wireless network. This issue can be checked with the use of free programs like InSSIDer or Vistumbler. If your laptop is not supported to access this application then just use the free application Wi-Fi analyzer or Wi-Fi finder.

Repositions your wireless router:

Restore the settings of routerIf your Wi-Fi is not working properly then check the position of Wi-Fi router and reposition the wireless Wi-Fi router. If there is any problem it simply found on the fringe of the routers coverage zone. To get rid of this issue, you must get a router with better range and do precautionary steps before going to the trouble. Check whether your antennae are securely attached and confirm the router is not blocked behind the large objects.

For the good results place the router in open place, so that the signal can travel smoothly.

Restore the settings of router:

Frequently getting trouble in Wi-Fi connection of your computer and devices then you just connect your router and try to restore the settings, so that this alteration will secure your Wi-Fi connection again and reconfigure the internet connection settings. A simple tip for you in resetting the router use any pen or clip to hold a long press the button for at least 10 seconds. Try this easy process to make your Wi-Fi connection back to normal.

Also, check your router adapter settings and set up with power saving mode, so it saves few mile watts.

Add an affordable component to maximize your Wi-Fi connection in a better way and protect them from falling from dead zones.

Final words:

Wi-Fi connections need to promote the signal to enjoy continuously, far reaching where you need and a speedy connection. Follow some appended tips to have a best Wi-Fi signal. The better solution is upgrading the router and upgrade router software.