Is your home Wi-Fi router not working? Can’t able to connect your computer and laptop to Wi-Fi? Don’t know what causes your router’s functionality? And also, don’t know how to troubleshoot the problems with Wi-Fi router? If like so, then exactly this is the right place to know solutions for your problem.

In this article, I’m going to give you some problems that will occur on Wi-Fi router and solutions to fix those issues.

What to do when your home Wi-Fi router not working?

Are you followed instructions that given in the guide to install your router? But, still your connection is not working? Or everything functioned properly, but suddenly lost it function? You know, Installing router not only cause a problem with Wi-Fi connection. There are plenty of factors might result in not working Wi-Fi router. So, your Wi-Fi is not working because of whatever reason.

Just follow this guideline to troubleshoot issues with your network router. At the same time, you need to know one thing that there are chances to involve more than one issue in the router. So, check all those to completely get rid of them.

#1: Wrong Wi-Fi settings

Wrong Wi-Fi settingsOne of the most common issues with the router is mismatched Wi-Fi settings. Yes, mismatched setting between two Wi-Fi devices stops connecting with a network connection. Therefore, in order to make sure wrong Wi-Fi settings in devices, check the following settings.

  • Your router must be enabled to support all versions of Wi-Fi.
  • All Wi-Fi devices belonging to the same local network should use the same security mode.
  • Nowadays, routers designed to store multiple security keys; however, it’s better to use a common key for all devices for easy download and troubleshoot purpose.

#2: Restrictions of MAC address

You know router includes a feature called MAC address restrictions. When this option is enabled then it allows only certain devices based on its MAC address. So, verify whether your router’s MAC address is enabled or not. However, by default, this option is in disabled condition.

#3: Loose connection cables

When we face any problem with any device, at first, we concentrate only on the difficult issues with devices like the above mentioned to steps. But, the problem also may be because of the loose or disconnected device. It sounds silly, but sometimes this is the main cause of not working router.

Accidently, anyone unplug the power connection to devices, so the router is turned off. So ensure your router is getting a power supply and also make sure network router or modem is connected properly.

#4: Overheating

When you download large files, it takes a long period of time. Downloading a lot of files makes your network router overheat. And, overheated router may disconnect the device from local devices.

So, in order to cool down your router, make its shut down and leave it few minutes to cool.

Apart from these, there are other factors also cause Wi-Fi router functionality. So, check all those factors to rectify issues.