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Troubleshoot For your Most Common Internet Problems

Internet is that ubiquitous presence in our lives there is no escaping from. There are already more connected devices than there are people in this world. This just goes on to prove how much popular and widely used internet is. Given its widespread usage, it might seem like it would have already reached a healthy level of development and maturity. Apparently it is not so. Internet problems today are as common as they were when it was launched. They might have changed in nature and kind but the frequency remains the same.

But it is not something to get bogged down by. When there is a problem, quite frequently there is a solution too. So here is a list of common internet problems and their solutions.

Problem #1: Which is the best browser out there?

Solution #1: Google Chrome.

While there are many browsers out there, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best one. Coming from the house of the internet giant and stalwart Google, it is nimble, fast and incredibly popular. There has to be some reason why it is the mostly widely used browser out there. Given its popularity, there are a lot of apps and extensions available which make working on it faster and more personalized.

Problem #2: Why does it take so long to load the photographs?

Solution #2: Photographs tend to be big in size as a file. Thus they take longer to load and zoom. Google Chrome has an extension designed for just this situation. Hover Zoom works like a charm in such situations. If you use that, the images zoom only when you move your mouse over them. So there is no need any longer to wait for the entire image to load. What is better is its compatibility across a host of other photo websites too – Flikr, Reddit, everywhere.

Problem #3: How do I ensure that my privacy is not being intruded upon?

Solution #3: Use the extension Collusion. You must have observed that somehow the instance you check out a dress on some website, it is suddenly splashed across all websites you visit. This is thanks to the large scale tracking and colluding undertaken by various companies and their websites. Using Collusion you can see exactly which sites are tracking your data and how is their data spread. If it gets too much for your comfort, you can sever some of the connections too. So, share only what you want to.

Problem #4: The sheer number of online ads annoys the hell out of you.

Solution #4: Why do you not get AdBlock to your rescue? It has more than 15 million users worldwide and has constantly been rated as the most popular Google Chrome extension out there. It is one powerful extension and easily removes those pestering advertisements from all websites, which includes but is not limited to Facebook, Hulu and Youtube. Those, who are still not satisfied with the kind of protection it offers, have the option of going for AdBlock Plus. It adds one more layer of protection, thereby making your browsing and transactions that much securer and safer.

Problem #5: Inability to download Spotify while you are at work.

Solution #5: Do you know that there is a dedicated Chrome extension just for Spotify – Spotify for Chrome. This app goes a long way in solving one of the most bugging internet problems people have. Spotify for Chrome works seamlessly in the Spotify manner – you can listen to the Spotify Radio and easily browse through the online catalogue. There are additional features too – like the ability to have your own personalized playlist and discover what others are listening to.

Problem #6: There are more passwords than amount of information a human brain can hold.

Solution #6: Okay, the question was just intended to be catchy. But you have to agree that sometimes it feels like the truth. Every site asks for a password these days and it becomes tough to keep track. Enter LastPass, an award winning manager just for passwords. So, there is no longer any need to remember the individual passwords. Just remember that for LastPAss.

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