Are you having a problem with your Wi-Fi connection? Is your Wi-Fi router not working? If like so, then don’t worry; I’m here for helping you in this. Whatever problem in your internet connection or Wi-Fi connection, the best common solution to rectify that problem is troubleshooting your router device.

Troubleshooting modem or router which you used to connect the internet helps you to clear any problems with a connection from flaky connection to Wi-Fi issues. Moreover, it also helps you to clear “No access to internet” problem too. Many people even face no access to the internet issues. By troubleshooting Wi-Fi router, you can able to get rid of all those problems with internet connection.

How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi router is not working problem?

Don’t know how to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi router? Then you need to read this entire article to rectify Wi-Fi router is not working problem. In this article, I’m going to give you few solutions to solve the problem with Wi-Fi router.

If you have modem instead of a router, then you can also try the following steps to retain your internet connection.

Step #1: Reboot the router

Rebooting the router is the most common way to fix all kinds of a network problem. If you’re facing any problem such as connections are dropping, wireless is flaking out, slow internet, websites failing to load, Wi-Fi not working and all, then reboot the router is the best solution.

Because many routers require a restart to work well and as well as rebooting the router is very simple and easy too. Simply unplug the router’s power cable and after few seconds reconnect it.

If you have a modem, then you need to restart your modem too. In order to reboot your modem, repeat the same what you did for the router to the modem.

Step #2: Check for overheating

We all know that all electronic devices fall to overheat right!! Likewise, the router also falls into overheats. You know the causes of overheating!! Well, this will damage your router and make it unstable.

Wi-Fi RouterSo, check the temperature of your router and make it get more airflow and make sure it’s not in a hot location.

Step #3: Verify cable connection

If the above 2 steps do not help you, then don’t feel worse; try this step. When we face a problem with Wi-Fi connection, all we first think some complex way to solve the problem. But, it may have accidently unplugged or in loose.

Therefore, make sure the power connection to your router or modem, a cable connection between router and modem and each and every cable plugged into the router and at all.

Step #4: Reset your router settings

Still, the problems with Wi-Fi router is not clear, and then try to reset your router settings to its default settings. This is not necessary to do all times, but this also one of the way to rectify the problem with the router.

I hope, anyone of the above-listed step will help you to clear Wi-Fi router problem.