Are you having problems with connecting Wi-Fi on your android phone? Or can’t able to stay on Wi-Fi connection on an android smartphone? If like so, then don’t worry; there is a solution to rectify Wi-Fi is not working the problem on the android phone.

Is Wi-Fi not working on an android phone?

Do you want to get your wireless internet connection again? Then simply follow the below-given ways to rectify the problem with Wi-Fi connection. Crossing over the data plan on your android phone can start adding up. Moreover, Wi-Fi connections are more affordable and also very fast.

Here, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to solve the problem with the android Wi-Fi connection.

Turn on your Wi-Fi:

Is your Wi-Fi ON? Funny question but sometimes we forgot to turn on Wi-Fi and thinking why it can’t get connected. You can easily turn on Wi-Fi by dragging the status bar on top of the display, where you can turn on your Wi-Fi.

Airplane mode:

If the Wi-Fi is in ON but your phone not connected to the internet, then check whether your phone is in airplane mode. When your phone is in airplane mode, no problem will occur but you can’t able to access internet connection.

Therefore, make sure that your phone is not in airplane mode.

Authentication issues:

Are you getting authentication failed error message? Then don’t worry; it’s nothing but a problem with a password that you entered. So, check the password that you using to log into your router, because if that password is wrong, then it shows authentication failed error message.

Hence, your password more than one time and now tries to connect.

Can’t able to find available network:

If your android phone is not locating the possible Wi-Fi connections, then check whether the Wi-Fi connects but disconnects itselfWi-Fi is working or not. In order to check the working of Wi-Fi, do it with another phone, computer or laptop. If it shows available Wi-Fi connections, then remove Wi-Fi connections list that already in your android phone.

Because some Wi-Fi routers limit how many devices you can connect, so disconnect other Wi-Fi connections.

Wi-Fi is connected but no internet:

Is your Wi-Fi connected but no internet to access? This is tricky sometimes. However, simply unplug the power connection to all network devices and after few seconds and reconnecting power supply restart your router or modem and your device. This will help you to rectify the problem.

Wi-Fi connects but disconnects itself:

This problem makes very frustrating things. When you are using your home Wi-Fi connection, you will get a message as your data plan is finished. At that time, you will experience that your Wi-Fi connects but also disconnected automatically.

However, don’t get frustrated, you can able to fix this problem. Find the power saving application in your cell phone or network app or an application which you downloaded when you notice this issue and then uninstall it.

I hope, from the list of tips, anyone help you to recover from a problem with Wi-Fi connection.