Do you have iPhone or iPad device? Have you decided to change your Operating system? And, updated it to iOS 9? Now, is your Wi-Fi not working? Don’t know how to fix that problem? Then exactly this is the right place to get a solution for the problem in your Wi-Fi connection.

Is Wi-Fi not working in iOS 9 for iDevices?

Not only you but also many people face this same problem after installing iOS 9 for iDevices. You know, latest iOS provides various problems for iPhone or iPad users. At the same time, people may experience other problems like iMessage not working, stuck at the slide to upgrade screen, slow performance, AirDrop is not working and et al including Wi-Fi not working problem.

Therefore, in this article, I’m going to share few solutions for your Wi-Fi not working problem on any iDevices such as iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.

#1: Restart your iDevice and router

This is the first and foremost way to solve any problem with any device and this will come in your mind if you’re familiar with iDevices. But, still people who newly use iDevice may not know this trick.

So, reboot your iDevice and as well as your wireless modem and router to check whether now it’s working or not and to troubleshoot Wi-Fi router nor working problem.

#2: Choose forgets Wi-Fi network

You know there is an option “forget Wi-Fi network” in your device. Where is this option?

Go to Settings-> choose Wi-Fi option-> Click name of your Wi-Fi network-> click forget this network

This root path shows an option DHCP under IP address. Choose the DHCP and click “forget this network”.

This method will remove your wireless network from your device. After that, you need to add your Wi-Fi network name by again entering a password.

Now, it’s a time to check whether the issue is cleared or not.

#3: Reset your network setting

If the above option is also failed to solve your problem, then try this method.

One important thing in resetting your network is you lose all your settings in Wi-Fi and phone, Wi-Fi passwords and also VPN settings.

How to reset network setting?

Go to Settings-> click General-> choose Reset Network Settings

This option will probably fix the problem with Wi-Fi connection on iDevices.

#4: Toggling Wi-Fi Assist ON/OFF

You know Wi-Fi assist option in your iPad or iPhone device!! Well, this option also helps you to solve the problem with Wi-Fi connection. This is a new feature, so the user may don’t know about this option or its features.

How to turn ON or OFF the Wi-Fi assist?

  • Click settings
  • Choose cellular
  • When you scroll down where you can see “Wi-Fi Assist” option
  • Click ON and OFF
  • Repeat this for 2 to 3 times

Now, make sure your iPad or iPhone Wi-Fi connection is working.

I hope, from above-listed ways, any one will surely help you to fix Wi-Fi not working problem in iOS 9 iDevices.