Why is my Wi-Fi not working and troubleshoot Wi-Fi

Recently lots and lots of people are using Wi-Fi. Widely used Wi-Fi network is wireless local area network or WLAN. A major question asked from the users is why my Wi-Fi is not working properly? Actually the Wi-Fi wireless technology caters for two types of network configurations.

  • Infrastructure configuration

  • Ad-hoc configuration

If you are under the ad-hoc mode of Wi-Fi then the signals are really less powerful than infrastructure. The Wi-Fi mode of ad-hoc supports to 1 Mbps of bandwidth so slower bandwidth doesn’t work properly. With the ad-hoc connection, the high-quality video is not applicable.

Here we going to discuss the why Wi-Fi was not working and solution for such inconveniences.

People feel unhappy if the Wi-Fi connection becomes worse:

The Wi-Fi usually transmits data and them susceptible to interference from other devices such as Bluetooth enabled devices, cell phones, cordless phones and some other wireless devices. These types of interference make the wireless connection unreliable and your smart phone or iPod experience an unhappy one.

How to improve the iPad with the help of Wi-Fi performance?

Here we go with top 5 ways of to fix the iPad Wi-Fi connection problems,

Just switch off and on the connections:

This is one step by step instruction, so if the Wi-Fi do problems and the signal not received you want to keep few things in mind while buying Wi-Fi antennasproperly to iPad then turn the iPad on and off again. This really takes a while and now your iPad work right in few seconds.

Holding your hands block the signal:

The iPad is just like a book but if you wide your hands on the sides, even you strong Wi-Fi signal become weaker. So be careful while holding the iPad.

Turn up the brightness:

This is one of the power saving tips, so we advise you to put down the brightness so as to save the battery life and it also decided to turn down your Wi-Fi radio too.

Lots and lots of problems are seen in the apple’s iPad Wi-Fi problems, so you are in need to fix the upcoming software releases.

For better Wi-Fi connections, you want to keep few things in mind while buying Wi-Fi antennas,

  • Functionality: A powerful Wi-Fi antenna should cover the larger area without error connection.
  • Omni-directional: A powerful antenna hardly receives the signal at 360 degrees.
  • Directional: they have long range and unique choice of getting a signal so we receive a signal where we want.
  • Yagi antennae’s: for long area signal coverage the people used to prefer this yagi antennae’s. So the Wi-Fi signal is available even outside the house.
  • A Cantenna antenna is one peculiar brand that usually provides a signal for both indoor and outdoor.

Final words:

Technology companies improving continuously so, that you can literally use all advanced Wi-Fi antennae’s to meet your needs without any inconveniences. If you are struggling with Wi-Fi problems just find more fixes and solutions through the internet, as they are dedicatedly providing tips and solutions.